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Dr. Jamisson Neruda

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1Dr. Jamisson Neruda Empty Dr. Jamisson Neruda on Wed Jun 17, 2020 9:37 pm


*thread under development.  jocolor

Posts from (the DI forum) & Grumpy Owls forum.

What are your thoughts on Dr Jamisson Neruda ?
Dr. Jamisson Neruda Anteck22

THESTRONG-THEVALIANT wrote:This is interesting as he is talking about what's going on now - and this was back in 1998. The fifth interview.

Sarah: “I presume the Incunabula and Illuminati have something to say about this whole human 3.0 plan. Am I right on that?”

Dr. Neruda: “Yes. The Triad of Power, however you want to define it, in terms of titles, is programmed to create their own human 3.0. This version will be predicated on the confluence of technology in the form of biological enhancements that make the human vessel even more of a welcoming environment for the functional implants. The goal is to make an infinite human on the earth plane… infinite by virtue of immortality. The fusion of human and technology or what some call transhumanism, is the goal. So, human 3.0 for the Triad of Power is very different from human 3.0 SI, as envisioned by the WingMakers.

You see, transhumanism is separation. It says we are frail, weak, finite, brutish, diseased… incomplete. All of these ideas of biological implants and cognitive enhancement were parts of the ACIO agenda.”

Neruda Interview part 5 (TRUE TODAY)
Dr. Jamisson Neruda Anteck23

THESTRONG-THEVALIANT wrote:This is an interview - that you and most people probably aren't aware of btw - from 1997... Dr. Jamisson Neruda with a journalist called Sarah.

Neruda defected the secret Labyrith Group (That were working with "Time Travel") - after he came in contact with the Wingmakers (some indigenous tribes have also - the native american chaco canyon folk anasazi for example). He felt he needed to share this with the world.

I am sharing this with you so here is the interview read by someone with a bit of an awkward style but the information is the key. He talks about technology, transhumanism, aliens etc...

this video is part 10 of his series.... so jump right into it:

Neruda fifth interview
Dr. Jamisson Neruda Anteck21

strong-valiant wrote:I am currently at "part 19" of  the videos at the 3 minute mark. It is about "Anu(naki)s and Marduks programming"...

strong-valiant wrote:Here's part 20. Neruda talks about why the word "love" isn't used at all (or sparingly), in the Wingmakers materials and he talks about Divine Love... it's at the start.

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